As a Blockchain developer you program smart contracts, develop Blockchain networks and take care of the integration with various enterprise applications. Is it too abstract for you? Do you hesitate because of the unfamiliar technology? Don’t worry, Trase will set you up with a thorough learning program.

Trase University

Each employee is offered an education at our Trase University, the home of our research on decentralized technology. You get the opportunity to attend following courses:

  • Blockchain Intro
  • Blockchain Advanced Concepts
  • Blockchain DevOps
  • Writing smart contracts: the basics & advanced
  • Smart contracts & frontend integration
  • Establish Blockchain Networks

What you can do

After training a new Blockchain developer has born. Being a professional, you know the technical requirements of a project. Following skills help you to do so:

  • You are fluent in Dutch and English; French is a plus.
  • You know your way around a DevOps environment (Versioning, Continuous Integration, …).
  • Experience with object-oriented programming languages: the more, the better.
  • Strongly familiarized with static and dynamic languages, cryptography, security and encryption.
  • Experience with operating systems (Linux) and front-end technologies.
  • Knowledge of relational databases and computer networks.

What we offer

As a startup within a larger ecosystem of IT companies, we offer you a smart contract that guarantees openness, trust and transparency. Once incorporated into the Blockchain you are entitled to a personal training in our Trase University, a competitive salary package and extralegal benefits such as a company car and health insurance. In short Trase offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a breakthrough technology, along with a set of passionate colleagues, of course, social events are not lacking!