You prefer readable code when you build web applications. You’re allergic to wasting time on syntax. In fact, when it comes to lines of code, ‘less is more’ is your device. And if a task looks even remotely repetitive, you write a script to do the job. Say no more: you must be the Python Consultant we’re looking for at C4J!

You don’t like wasting time, so we won’t keep you up for too long. All you need to know now is that C4J builds backend web applications that truly matter to both clients and end users. And we do it with talented people who share knowhow and have fun at every moment. Now, let’s skip the small talk and do some great things together. If you’ve got what it takes, then apply now!

What you can do

  • You are a warm-blooded, experienced Python programmer.
  • You can work with both relational database systems and NoSQL systems.
  •  Knowledge of frameworks like Django or Flask? That’s certainly a plus.
  •  You know how to build a modular application – and how to work in it.
  •  You’re familiar with version control systems like GIT.
  •  Experience in unit testing? That’s another ace up your sleeve!

Who you are

  • Repeating a task? No way: you’ll write a script to do it!
  • All things IT make your heart go boom.
  • Any performance-related issues? You’ll solve them with your eyes closed.
  • Critical by nature, you leave no stone unturned and you have a firm grasp of every detail.
  • Whoever comes near you, gets infected by your enthusiasm. You can’t help it: you’ve always been a smooth and convincing communicator.

What we offer

At C4J, you’ll be part of a hotspot full of opportunities, with impactful projects, the latest tools and inspiring colleagues. Our knowledge sharing ‘squads’ and our internal academy will ensure that you continuously become better at what you do.

Moreover, we’re part of the Bewire group, which creates even more possibilities: you can evolve into a role at some of our other companies – like Evance and Dots & Arrows. All of this in an environment that is looking forward with confidence, as we keep on growing. And what about your salary? Ask our people: calling it ‘competitive’ would be an understatement. A company car, group and hospitalization insurance and countless extra benefits are just a few components of the attractive and versatile package C4J offers you.