Finding simple answers to complex problems takes a mastermind. Someone with an analytical mindset and a helicopter view across the backend and frontend landscape. Someone who makes sure that every solution meets the expectations of both the client and the end user. Well, that sounds exactly like a Junior Full Stack Consultant at C4J!

When someone talks about ‘thinking outside the box’, you can’t help but smile. For you, there are no boxes! You challenge each assumption, while zooming in on every single detail. You look at things from a fresh, unexpected angle to come up with the right conclusion. All of this in a dynamic hotspot like C4J, which keeps you sharp and motivated every day. If you’re the mastermind we’re looking for, you don’t need any more explanation: apply now!

What you can do

  • Cloud, mobile and web development? Sounds like music to your ears!
  • You combine excellent Java (J2EE) skills with good knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS
  • You have experience in developing and using restful API’s.
  • You have solid language skills in Dutch and English, both verbally and textually.

Moreover, these additional qualities will certainly be considered a plus:

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Profound knowledge of one or more frameworks: Angular, Ionic, Express,
  • Strongloop, ReactJS …
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as Amazon Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Google App Engine …

Who you are

  • You’re always full of energy. There’s just no stopping you!
  • You handle everything in a problem-solving and analytical way.
  • Any performance-related issues? No problem: you know how to tackle them.
  • Eager junior developers can count on your dedicated mentorship.
  • With your critical mindset, there’s no detail that escapes your attention.
  • As a swift and convincing communicator, you know how to share your passion with everyone that crosses your path.
  • The variation of your consulting job is both a challenge and a blessing: things will never get boring!

What we offer

At C4J, you’ll be part of a hotspot full of opportunities, with impactful projects, the latest tools and inspiring colleagues. Our knowledge sharing ‘squads’ and our internal academy will ensure that you continuously become better at what you do.

Moreover, we’re part of the Bewire group, which creates even more possibilities: you can evolve into a role at some of our other companies – like Evance and Dots & Arrows. All of this in an environment that is looking forward with confidence, as we keep on growing. And what about your salary? Ask our people: calling it ‘competitive’ would be an understatement. A company car, group and hospitalization insurance and countless extra benefits are just a few components of the attractive and versatile package C4J offers you.