There are many ways to describe the Java Backend Consultant we’re looking for at C4J. A mastermind behind simple solutions for complex problems. A specialist that thrives on a large-scaled, open-source environment. A guru for junior developers. Still there? Then you might just fit the bill!

As our new backend developer, you’ll work with Java, Spring, Hibernate, Jersey, Jackson, Apache CXF … You’ll innovate old backend services, while implementing new ones. ‘Thinking outside the box’? Which box? You don’t see any box when you’re creating solutions. As a master in the art of problem-solving, you won’t let any detail escape your attention, while putting every assumption to the test.

What you can do

  • Object-oriented programming in Java is your strength.
  • You’re simply phenomenal in relational database systems and SQL development.
  • You know how to build a modular application – and how to work in it.
  • You’re experienced in integrating – or ‘consuming’ – several backend services and systems within frontend applications, like RESTful and SOAP web services, combined with JSON and XML.
  • Continuous Integration rings a bell.
  • You have knowledge of JUnit and mocking frameworks.
  • You’re familiar with version control systems like GIT.
  • Experience with automated testing and NoSQL / Big Data solutions is a plus.

Who you are

  • There’s no end to your energy. You just keep going!
  • You think in a problem-solving, analytical way.
  • Any performance-related issues? You’ll solve them with your eyes closed.
  • You’re a true mentor for curious junior developers.
  • You keep looking at things though a critical lens, as spotting details is in your nature.
  • As a swift and convincing communicator, you know how to share your passion with everyone that crosses your path.
  • It’s no wonder you’re a consultant: you just love variety and ever-changing challenges.

What we offer

At C4J, you’ll be part of a hotspot full of opportunities, with impactful projects, the latest tools and inspiring colleagues. Our knowledge sharing ‘squads’ and our internal academy will ensure that you continuously become better at what you do.

Moreover, we’re part of the Bewire group, which creates even more possibilities: you can evolve into a role at some of our other companies – like Evance and Dots & Arrows. All of this in an environment that is looking forward with confidence, as we keep on growing. And what about your salary? Ask our people: calling it ‘competitive’ would be an understatement. A company car, group and hospitalization insurance and countless extra benefits are just a few components of the attractive and versatile package C4J offers you.